Thursday, 8 September 2011

Beautiful days

Today was a great day.  I want to start by saying we have committed to a house off base.  Now,  just in case you are worried, we are still planning on living on base.  We unfortunately have to wait until housing comes available.  We are still on the shortest list, but every time I check, we are further away from getting a house.
Anyhow, we have found a great house.  It is in Kitikurihama (sp?) about 15 minutes from base.  It is a fairly new house  with 3 bedrooms.  The biggest perks are the dishwasher and bathing room upstairs.  If you have every been in a Japanese house before you will understand how unusual these things are.  There is a small yard and 2 parking spaces, which is also something of a commodity.  Sounds like we will be moving out of the Navy Lodge in a few weeks.  It takes a LONG time to get an appointment to sign papers with the housing office.
The best part of today happened to be when my hubby got off early from work.  We headed off base to sign a paper and get the info we needed for the base housing to start the rental process.   After signing papers we headed down Blue street to explore and possibly get dinner.  We decided to hop on a train. We had no plans and no real place to go, so we headed to Kitikurihama station.  It is the closest station to where we will be living.   We got off the train and wandered around for a bit.  We ended up finding a Denny's to eat at.  (YES I said Denny's lol)  It is totally different from the ones back home, but it was fun to see it.
I have to say that just "being" this evening and enjoying my family and night was one of the best times I have had yet, here in Japan.

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