Tuesday, 9 August 2011


My latest delema... (and I am going to try not to cry my way through this) I have just been informed that we must move out of our hotel suite into a normal size 2 queen hotel room.  They DO have two rooms for us, but they are not together.  Now, HMMMMM, let me think.....sure my kids can be down the hall and my husband and I can be alone.  LOL NOT.  I am not sure wether to be sad or mad.  I also would like to remind everyone of the poor condition the room might be in.  The last room we had there was no AC.  It is only 95 today with humidity to boot.  Safe to say AC is a MUST.  SO POOP!  Not only that, but housing is a long way off.   I will apologize for this blog becoming today's rant.
Anyhow, to move on to other subjects; let's talk about cars.  We have a guy going to the car auction to buy us a car.  We will spend approximately $3000 on a Mazda MPV.   This is most like the car I had at home.  It has captain seats in the 1st and 2nd rows, and a folding seat for the 3rd row.  I think it is exactly what we want.  Now all we need is prayers for a house and this car to get here soon.  

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