Sunday, 21 August 2011

Laundry in a hotel

I want to take a moment to discuss laundry and laundromat etiquette.  When staying in a hotel with 3 children for a long period of time, you might find that you need to do laundry once or twice.  If you find yourself in this situation you might choose to use the laundry services located on floors 2-4.  Here comes the lesson.....are you is VERY rude to leave your laundry in a washer or dryer for more than an hour after it has stopped, even worse would be to remove another persons laundry 5 minutes after the dryer has stopped.  I understand the sign might tell you that your item are subject to being removed after it has stopped, but I still find it rude and I would not want someone to do it to me.
For instance the other day all the dryers had stopped and I had laundry I needed to dry.  Even though the clothes in the dryer were cold I choose to take my wet laundry to another level just to be courteous to the owner of said clothing.
Today I found myself running late to get to my dryers.  I walked in to the laundry room to find all three dryers running with my laundry sitting on top.  Now,  had I been an hour or more I would get it.  My clothes were still warm and they had been sitting on TOP of the dryer.
Safe to say I was MAD.  I am not one to go crazy, but I almost jumped off the ledge. The person's dryers  stopped before I left (I spent 20 minutes folding laundry).  I was contemplating, while folding my laundry, the best way to deal with the situation.  I thought about pulling their laundry out and leaving it on the dryer, or  if the dryers had not stopped I thought about stopping them.  I thought many nasty little thoughts, but again I am the nice one.  After my laundry was done being folded I quickly left before I did something I would regret.  I find even when someone has treated me poorly, if I turn the other cheek they will eventually be returned the favor they did to me.  I just pray that they remember why they are receiving the same treatment.


  1. You should have left a note saying you didn't like how they treated your laundry and since you are a very kind person you choose not to take their laundry out, even through you really wanted too and wished them a Blessed day.
    This has happened to me before. Really urks me how rude people are in society and have no respect. Your good deeds will be rewarded some day, keep the chin up high and kudos for you to turn the other cheek. :)

  2. Just to add salt to the I went to do laundry and a big fat guy was doing laundry in his shorts (only his shorts). As he pulled someone's laundry out of the dryer and stuck it on top. I thought to myself "We need to find a house".