Sunday, 24 July 2011

Frist FULL weekend in Japan.

Full is definitely the correct term for the weekend we just had.  Friday started out with an afternoon out in town.  We found a play area in a mall just down the way.  The kids had a GREAT time and we enjoyed watching them play.
Saturday we ventured out to Ikego.  Ikego is a housing base about a 20 minute train ride from  the main base Yokosuka.  Our children's first train ride was quite exciting and a quick hop from one train to the next was an adventure in itself.
Once we arrived in Ikego, we attended the annual friendship day.  This is festival when part of the base is opened up to the general public.  There were several bouncy houses and games to play.  There was a ton of food (both american and japanese).  Over all we got sun burned and had a good time.
From there we decided to get on the train and travel to the next stop to look around.  We found a neat little bakery that sold  japanese cakes.  We shared a few different little treats and then headed home.
The excitement and activity wore our poor boys out, so we found ourselves pushing boy #1 in the stroller while he slept and carrying a sleeping boy#2 all the way to the bus stop from the train station.   This is probably a 10-15 minute walking.
Sunday was our day of information.  We caught the 10:07 train from Yokosuka to Ikego.   We went to meet a family who lives in housing that would be similar to the housing that might be offered to us.
They had a very nice and welcoming home.  This was my first time in housing so I was surprised to see the tile floors and stainless steel counters.  Over all I think the visit has cemented for us that Ikego is too far out and not what we are looking for.
After this our options are main base housing or town housing.Hmmmmm.
Anyhow, the boys once again fell asleep on the way back.  It was quite a bit hotter on Sunday and the walk was exhausting and hot carrying a baby.  We got to the bus stop and my thoughtful hubby poured some cool water on the baby's head to cool him off.  He look at boy #1 and thought it a good idea to do the same to him.  He didn't even get a 1/4 of a cup of water on his head before the relaxation of it all took effect.  Poor boy wet his pants, the stroller and the sidewalk.  My hubby said "OOPS, did I do that?"  I would have felt bad for the boy, but he didn't even know he had done it nor did he know I watched him. LOL.
We got back to Navy Lodge and got cleaned up just in time to be picked up by some friends.  They invited us to there house for dinner.  They live off base and were kind enough to show us there house and make us dinner too!  Everything was so beautiful and dinner was delicious.  A home cooked meal.  I was in heaven and I didn't even have to cook.  The kids had a great time playing and we really enjoyed seeing the area and the adult conversation.  We got back late, but everyone was happy and bedtime was quick.  Thanking god for a wonderful weekend.

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