Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Outing into the real world.

Yesterday we finally ventured out in to Yokosuka.  We didn't go too far.  We traveled to a mall a few blocks away called Daiei.  We had a japanese dinner.  It was interesting.  Girl and Boy #1 had a noodle dinner served in a bowl with soup and corn.  My hubby and I tried dinners.  Mine was a hamburger patty with cheese melted inside about 4 potato wedges a piece of broccoli and some gravy to dip it in.  The portion sizes are MUCH smaller and it was nice to not feel like I had to eat this huge meal that was given to me.  I also didn't have to worry about taking home left overs.  My meal came with a small cup of soup and rice.  I choose corn soup.  It was delicious.
After an uneventful dinner, we went shopping!!! I had desperate looks from people when I tried to speak english to them.  Two ladies frantically went looking for someone to speak english. lol. I finally stopped trying to talk to people and had my hubby do all the talking.  Our purchases this trip were limited to rain slickers for the kids (a typhoon is expected in the next day or two), umbrellas and a pair of sandals for boy #2.
I am loving how quiet everything is here.  I didn't realize how loud my life and children were until the quietness here.  I am finding it peaceful.  I also want to make a quick note about the streets.  As we were walking to the mall I noticed the road the cars drove on was so nice.  I have no idea what the pavement was made of, but the material was nice and pretty.

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