Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It is always something

A quick story that was left of of Sundays post......As we were enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends on Sunday evening, there came a frantic scream from the girl.  I quickly turn my head to see the girl with one hand on her corn on the cob and her other hand covering her mouth.  She say "MT TOOTH, MY TOOTH".  As we ALL look closer her tooth is now sticking straight out of her mouth.  She begins walking around the yard completely hysterical.  I walked up behind her and leaned over to finish pulling out her tooth (I am hoping I mention the girl is only six).  I told her to let me see and out it came.  Once things have settled down a bit and we start to eat again the whining starts.  "MOM, there is blood on my corn".  I think to we go again.  To try and ward off anymore theatrics I gave her another piece of corn.
New story.......Tonight we took at trip to the mall again.  We are trying to find a particular medicine for boy #1.  It seems we are unable to get it in Japan, nor can we get it shipped to us.  Anyhow, we were at the mall and decide to try a sushi place located on the lower level.  I am sure they will have something other then seafood.  They must have tempura vegetables or meat.   Important fact: I do not like any seafood.  NO FISH, NO SHELL FISH, Nothing that might come from the sea.  Most of the time the smell can even nauseate me.  It is not that I have not tried.  Being married to a man who is half japanese I try more often that I would like. 
Picture this.  We walk in to sit down and Boy #1 has to go to the bathroom.  It is located out in the mall on the second floor in the back.  Daddy takes him leaving me, the girl and boy #2 to fend for ourselves.   So, as we wait for the bathroom travelers to get back, the waitress brings us soup.  Mizo soup with clams.  I can smell the soup and I think to myself "I can do this".  I look to my left and there is the convier belt circling around with several kinds of sushi.  In the mean time the baby is grabbing everything off the table and my daughter keeps asking about the soup.  Did I mention the only other people in the place was the waitstaff and another couple?  So, eventually we get settled and my husband and son show up.  I pick up the english menu and begin flipping through for anything I might be able to eat.  In the very back there is a hand written piece of paper with the words  "Fried Foods"  and it lists; chicken, shrimp and potato.  Hmmm, I think I will be very hungry when I leave here.  So, we order one fried chicken, one fried potato, three plates of egg sushi, and one cucumber sushi.  My husband went to town on several plates of fish sushi and my daughter was adventurous enough to eat most of the egg and cucumber sushi.  They baby wouldn't eat anything but potato and threw everything else on the floor.  And boy#1 ate potato with 1 bite of chicken.
My hubby turned to me across the table with a smirk on his face and said  "My dreams of sharing this meal have been shattered". So, with that I started to cry.  I have, at this point, fallen shy of the wife who raised a family who will eat sushi with their father and I am the mother who cannot get the medicine she needs for her child.  Pathetic I know, but just the same I chose to fake that I was not crying with tears streaming down my face.  
This is how I continued our way to the Italian restaurant located just inside the gate. A salad and a pizza later...everyone was happy and full.  So, my husband's bubble has burst about his visions of japanese meals and I think I might get out of trying sushi again this year. LOL.

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